"Confidence is borne from knowledge. Get the knowledge." 

--Cheryl Kees Clendenon

Best interior design business coach cheryl clendenon

 About Cheryl

23 Year CEO & Designer of In Detail Interiors

Interior Design Business Coach since 2017

2021 KBB Person of the year

2021 Design Studio winner Dallas Arts Awards

2021 Changemaker Design Hounds

200 or so years ago a child came roaring into the world feet first ready to show up and argue a cause. Just because. Her mother still maintains the story is- she was screaming-“why”- from the minute she landed wrong side up and slapped the doctor for disturbing her afternoon nap

And to this day does not give “it” a rest except when she is sleeping. Which is where you will find her only between the hours of 2am and 7:30am. A belligerent non-smoker (in case you were wondering) and a frequent challenger of anything that resembles “normal” or desired by the masses, Cheryl is a natural born contrarian who talks faster than 2x speed on a podcast

She gravitates towards wanting to help clients and designers who are the square pegs in a world of round holes, lose earrings impossibly frequently, fall off of platform shoes and are unapologetically saucy. Relaxing is not in the skill set. Life begins and ends with family.

Her sacred words are: Why, Percipient, Whizbang and Profit.

But please do not say the words: Package, Blocks, Red Flag, Overwhelm or Picked. Hives break out and it gets ugly. 

 About Liz

VP of Everything, Interior Designer,
Work Wife, Team Cook, Unicorns

People ask, when did you KNOW you had found your ideal work wife- Cheryl will reply ” When she drew me 8 different cacti on her 3rd day because I said -find me a damn cactus”

The woman who has never been through an airport without being extended an invitation to stop and play show and tell with the contents of her backpack, can single handedly plow snow with a rake and rescue her boss in a snowstorm in Arizona.–yes, I said Arizona–after sleeping all night in a tuna can of a rental car.

They don’t make ’em like this anymore folks. (by the way she is completely tethered up with air tags so do not even think about it) The dedication is real and she extends this to her clients in too many ways to mention.

Her sacred words are: “Are you kidding me Cheryl”, “Mamma mia” and “I can’t believe it’s Friday”

An accomplished designer in her own right with an amazing sense of color and pattern, Liz can wear the designer hat in the morning, the project manager hat at noon and return to the office being the ultimate manager of all the things. Client’s love her, Subs respect her and the team adores the woman who gets “it” done-whatever “it” may be.

"Push back against more, more, more and remain committed to better, better, better."

--James Clear