Effective April 4, 2023

In Detail Design & Create, Inc., a Florida corporation doing business as Damn Good Designer (the "Company"), has adopted the following community standards.


The Company is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and uplifting community for everyone using the Company’s services, as well as for its workers. Accordingly, the Company has adopted these community standards to specify how attendees, clients and other users should act and not act on the Company’s platforms and at the Company’s events.


These guidelines apply to anyone using the Company's platforms or attending any of the Company's events. 

The Company's platforms include: (1) the Company’s website located at https://www.indetailinteriors.com; (2) the Company’s website and interactive course page located at https://www.theinteriordesignparadigm.com; and (3) any other interactive platform the Company makes available to its customers (current or former), prospective customers, subscribers, or group members or the public in general.

The Company's events include: (a) live streams; (b) Zoom meetings; (c) in-person gatherings; and (d) any other event that the Company makes available to community members or the public in general.

How to Act

Please help us build a safe, supportive community by being respectful, courteous, honest, kind, patient, encouraging, and positive.  Keep confidential and not share with others any confidential information that the Company shares on its platforms or at its events.

How Not to Act

The Company has a zero-tolerance policy for any conduct or statement that (1) involves harassment or unlawful discrimination; (2) threatens, encourages, or is likely to cause injury; (3) is hateful, defamatory, demeaning, or disparaging; (4) is likely to cause emotional distress, anxiety, or fear; (5) is disruptive or offensive; (6) is fraudulent, deceptive, or intentionally misleading; (7) involves the promotion of goods or services of your business or someone else you work for or are affiliated with, unless you obtain beforehand the Company’s written approval; or (8) is unlawful or violates the legal rights of others.  

All such conduct and statements are forbidden on the Company’s platforms and at the Company’s events, and will be considered a material breach of any agreement that includes these community standards as a part of it. With respect to the Company’s platforms and events, the Company may, in its discretion, remove or permanently deny access to anyone who engages in such forbidden conduct or makes such forbidden statements.

The Company also prohibits any other conduct that is contrary to building a safe, supportive, and uplifting community.  The Company may suspend access or other privileges of any user, attendee, or customer who acts contrary to the purpose of these guidelines. 

Amendments to these Guidelines

The Company may amend these community standards on one or more occasions. If the Company amends these community standards, the Company will post a notice about the amended community standards on its website and other platforms that are subject to these community standards.