"Challenging the Status Quo"


This program is about envisioning, planning and then elevating your business to the next plateau and building a legacy business.

A one year partnership specific to your firm and integrating The Design Paradigm® principles alongside one on one intensives throughout the year. 



Not looking for a full year and need an intensive with specific questions you need answered now?
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You are a designer that:


Is a square peg that doesn't fit in a round hole.

And are pretty pleased about that. 

Has an insatiable desire to figure "it" out, whatever "it" may be.

And relentless about the pursuit.

Does not give a booger what anyone else is doing.

Your own drumbeat is all you need. 

Will hang up their ruler when they are no longer learning.

And believes constant learning is the fountain of youth. 





You are my people.



Let's challenge the status quo

Here you will have a learned approach to building a complete and adaptable framework in which you have confidence in determining solutions based on a governing strategy to solving problems. 

This is the ticket to growing a sustainable business and being prepared for whatever gets thrown your way.

Cheryl has been in business 23 years straight with 21 of those 23 with a team. Making mistakes-sure. Can't advance without them. But systematically going for the brass ring from day one. The initial preparation was achieved in a management  job in media for a fortune 500 corporate entity. Nothing like that experience to prepare you for running a business wearing many hats while juggling more balls than a professional circus clown. 



"Her style is not for the faint of heart. If you want rainbows and unicorns then keep moving on. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s warranted she praises and celebrates your wins better than anyone. But she’s not afraid to really dig deep in what makes business work, and she’s not afraid to challenge your thinking. She’s a business coach that still runs a very successful Interior Design firm, so she gets it. She’s in the trenches with you."

wendy cook

blooming daisy interior design


What is the difference and what is included?


($26,000 value)

✔︎ 7 of The Design Paradigm Sections

  1. The Business Model
  2. Magical Mojo
  3. Marketing & Sales
  4. Client Management
  5. Team building & Training 
  6. Processes & "Catches"
  7. Construction Project Management

✔︎ Written Bound Workbooks (that are 200+ pages each!) bound and sent to you. 7 in total! Priceless! (along with some DGD swag!)

✔︎ 175 video topics corresponding to the sections above ( yes this is a lot. Anyone who says they can distill the freaking business of design to 6 "modules" and in 2 months clearly has not been in business as long!) 

✔︎ Special "best of" book you can keep with you for the down and dirty truths for when the days seem long and scary. 

✔︎ Guest Expert Speakers periodically to enhance the value specific to a particular industry.

($24,000 value)

✔︎ 1 Kick off introduction meeting to learn about The Design Paradigm and a key topic we want to address

✔︎ Quarterly five hour intensives (with a break for lunch!) to address issues or any projects you have ongoing.These meetings are going to be with a clear focused agenda . Be prepared to need a rest day afterwards! 

✔︎ "Ask your partner" Access to Cheryl or Liz pretty much anytime via various channels. And for specific in depth questions in between meetings we have a PM system that will track all of the correspondence for easy reference. 

✔︎ 14 group meetings corresponding to the TDP sections you are in.  These are topic focused--not simply Q and A where we just show up. So you can skip it is you do not need to be there and catch the replay.

✔︎ Accountability with monthly and annual challenges designed to move the needle. 

✔︎Accountability ride alongs. Meaning, you ride along with Cheryl when she is out and about and want to check in. 


($15,000 value)

✔︎ Damn Good Designer Certification upon completion of 6 sections of content. Use the DGD appellation on your cards.

✔︎ Interactive Case Studies that will walk you through real jobs- with the costs, the profit, the problems, and the solutions.

✔︎ Templates, forms, checklists, spreadsheets, and more tools to help you run your business. Including: Cheryl's signature flat fee and minimum expenditure calculator that tells you not just fees, but the more important thing--what your profit will be. And the visual scope of work with client facing proven to work verbiage.


***None of this is anything like what is advertised by many programs and written by AI or generic. These are the tools we use every single day. Employee cost calculator, Epic signature "capacity and goal setting" program. Too much to list here. Please inquire to know more comprehensive list. 



Invested individually: $65,000 total cost.

Please note: 

  • Due to the nature of the intensive one on one meetings we will only allow a SMALL amount of designers a year in this option.
  • The monthly option is binding for the year to enter into this annual agreement and is set up on a recurring payment automatically. 
  • There is an option for visiting your location to spend a day in the wild. Please discuss any additional charges incurred for this option with Stephanie.    

Please inquire by email to stephanie@ if there is availability for 2023 or 2024.

  Read more about the different sections here



 Meet Cheryl



 200 or so years ago a child came roaring into the world feet first ready to show up and argue a cause. Just because. Her mother still tells the  story- the kid was screaming-“why”- from the minute she landed wrong side up and slapped the doctor for disturbing her afternoon nap.

And to this day does not give “it” a rest except when she is sleeping. Which is where you will find her only between the hours of 2am and 7:30am. A belligerent non-smoker (in case you were wondering) and a frequent challenger of anything that resembles “normal” or desired by the masses, Cheryl is a natural born contrarian who talks faster than 2x speed on a podcast.

She gravitates towards wanting to help clients and designers who are the square pegs in a world of round holes, lose earrings impossibly frequently, fall off of platform shoes and are unapologetically saucy and possesses a wicked side eye.

Relaxing is not in the skill set.

Life begins and ends with family.


Her sacred words are: Why, Percipient, Whizbang and Profit.

The Investment








The Deliverables


Our custom calculator for flat fees and minimum expenditure

Our custom goal calculator

Project stats spreadsheet

Simple Cash Flow calculator

Chart of Account spreadsheet

Our custom Cost to be Open calculator

Additional calculators

Project Marketing Profile

Cost of an Employee Calculator



Visual Scope of Work templates

Design Manifesto

Email Opt-Ins

 Client facing Magazine

Media Kit

Marketing Plan

Client Introduction

Warranty Guide

Project Planner



Terminology to explain flat fees and minimum expenditure

Discovery Call follow ups

Initial Consultation follow ups

Scope of Work follow ups

Contract language

NKBA Design Statement example

Too many to list! 



Social Media Guides and Tutorials

Click Up Templates

Competitions and Contest Links

Case Studies of kitchens, baths, bedrooms and more

Checklists for processes

Milestone site visits

Distracted Driver Policy

Training Procedures Template

Template for Job Descriptions for Team

Developing Brand Mission Template



Performance Fabrics Client Giveaway

New Lead Form

Post Consult Form

New Client Questionnaire

NDA Agreement for Emloyees

Best Interview Questions Template

Performance Review Template

Candy Scott

 "I really enjoy coaching with Cheryl. She is an overflowing treasure chest of ‘real stuff’ information for a growing business. She helped solidify my decision to open a retail Shoppe in conjunction to my design studio business. Additionally, she is extremely knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of business finances. To me, it’s important to have practical and strategic advice on how to maintain a design firm and orient to growing a successful business. Cheryl and her team do that well!"

Karen Dunn

"I’ve been in business for 11 years with my partner and have 2 full time employees and a virtual bookkeeper. I follow a lot of “coaches” on social media, picking up tidbits here and there (and often shaking my head at some of the advice).Rather than truly running a “business” that just happens to be interior design. Cheryl is the only coach that really resonated with me and this philosophy. Her business savvy and expertise is unlike anyone else I’ve seen. She is truly passionate about raising the bar for other designers and the industry; a terrific teacher and mentor. In terms of Cheryl’s Design Paradigm, being Canadian is a non-issue."

Christina Woody Van Blake

"Cheryl you are such an amazing person. You could blow sunshine all day and probably have more followers. LOL. But-you tell truths. Even when it's hard to hear. Because you care. Like legit worry about the newbies who need the help and you can't stop yourself from making sure everyone is professionally safe and pofitable. You're the best and I'm so thankful for all your advice!! Think where I'd be now if I hadn't signed up for your coaching!! (shudder!) You're the best."

This is a robust deep dive into the multilayered and interwoven concepts, systems and processes to establish and grow a viable, sustainable and profitable business.


It’s not a single one-size, one time quick fix template and likely a big waste of time and money if you aren’t prepared to learn, grow and apply the concepts to your business.